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Meet Christina!

     Christina is our next “Real Mom”, and is a mommy to seven kids, Heather 11, Rebekah 10, Elizabeth10, Allison 10, Steven 8, Jeremiah 6, Timothy 11 mos.  She has used cloth since her second youngest was about two years old, and said one of the initial reasons’ for looking into cloth was that they were cheaper than disposables, and she wouldn’t have to continually buy them. Looking back, she thinks that never having to run to the store for diapers is one of the best things ever. She says, “Seriously… that is SOO freeing! I didn’t even think about that when I started!”

    She was lucky enough to have a friend with cloth-diapering experience walk her through the basics, because like many parents interested in cloth, the options can be overwhelming, and she admittedly had some hesitations. Luckily, her husband was supportive of the “switch”, and he was happy with the money they would save. She said it wasn’t long until he was comfortable changing the diapers on his own.

Christina was also blessed to have her fist diaper stash given to her for free! She says, “I used those with my 2 year old until he was potty trained. When I started cloth diapering my new born, I was experimenting with the different kinds of diapers to see what kind I wanted to use (fitteds, AIO, pockets) so I probably spent around $200. HOWEVER, I have sold all of those for the same price (used bought at great prices, sold at great prices) and been able to buy bigger diapers for his growing body. I also have grown to kind of like cool looking diapers, so now my stash is much larger than it needs to be.”

I asked her what the easiest thing about cd’ing was in her opinion, and she said, “NO BLOWOUTS!!! I LOVE that I never had a newborn, messy poo, explosion, when in cloth diapers! With ALL of my other newborns, I had to carry around extra outfits in the diaper bag so I could change him when it went up his back.” Luckily those accidents are very rare with cloth. She says she has had less accidents with cloth than disposables. Christina thinks that the hardest part for her has been finding the right laundry routine. Once you figure out what is right for your water type, it is easy, but figuring that out can take some time.

   Her favorite diapering combo currently is fitted diapers with wool pants or shorts as covers. While this may not be the trimmest option, she acknowledges that you get used to a “fluffy” butt. She told this story: “The first time I used a disposable diaper with my now 11 month old (we were going to disneyland for 3 days and I did not want to have to carry dirty diapers around in the stroller) I was SHOCKED at how little his butt was! I had gotten used to the signature cloth bootie (big) and actually was worried that the paper diaper was going to leak because it was so thin!” She also mentioned another perk, that cloth diapers are often so cute that you can get away with using them INSTEAD of pants!

  We all know that having support is sometimes a big part of the decision to switch to cloth. Christina has several groups on facebook that have cloth diapering mama’s that she gets advice from. She also says that she has already “converted” a few friends herself, and would absolutely recommend them to anyone who asked.

Thanks Christina!!


Meet our next “Real Mom” Sheree!

Sheree is a 24 year old mom to a 2 & 1/2 y.o. daughter, and a 12 week old son, who lives in Armona Ca. She originally looked into cloth diapering to save money to make being a stay-at-home mom possible. Once she started researching all the cloth diapering options, she became aware of all the benefits, but was sold on the cuteness-factor, and by knowing that she wouldn’t be exposing her babies to chemicals.

Originally her hubby was against cloth, saying he thought it was gross, and vowed to never change a diaper. Sheree wasn’t really bothered by the “gross” factor from her experience as a CNA, so she went ahead and bought a stash of prefolds and covers anyway. After that, she eventually convinced him to buy some BumGenius diapers, and he wound up loving them! She estimates that her original investment in the prefolds was only about $30, and has accumulated around 30 pockets that probably cost about $200. That’s a HUGE savings over disposable diapers!

When asked what the hardest part of cloth-diapering is, she explained that both her kids are heavy wetters, so she’s had trouble finding a leak-proof overnight diaper, but is confident they’re close to finding a solution. She also offers this advice for cloth-newbies: “Breastfed poop is the best!”, and highly recommends having a diaper sprayer handy for when you start your baby on solids. She states that the best part about using cloth is that, “They’re soooooo cute! I really like the attention they get, and I love when people ask me about them and how they work. I like to share the knowledge.”  She currently has a few friends that cloth diaper already, and would absolutely recommend it to others, “If you’re on the fence about cloth diapering, just do it!”

Thank you Sheree!!

Meet Hailey!

Our next feature mom is Hailey! Hailey lives in Visalia, with her fiancé, 6-year-old son Ethan, and 1.5-year old son Colin. She is a VERY busy mom who runs her photography business (HaileyRayPhotography) while juggling doctor appointments for Colin, who has Spina Bifida, and still managing to keep Ethan in extra-curricular activities! (Oh AND planning her wedding! Yikes!) This Mama has a whole lot on her plate, and she still has enough time to cloth-diaper full-time, on trips, and even through Colin’s hospital stays! That’s commitment if I’ve ever seen it.

Hailey originally became interested in cloth for all it’s perks… the cost-savings, how much better they are for sensitive skin, and for the cute-ness factor. They started cd’ing when Colin was a little over 2 months, and Hailey showed her fiancé that the initial cost would turn into major long-term savings, along with telling him “I would do the laundry!”. He was completely on board, and now even helps out on wash days. I asked Hailey how much she has spent on cloth diapers and she said, “I have managed to keep cost under $300.00 by buying and selling – if I wanted a new one I had to sell an old one, first, that was my rule. When I wanted a 6-pack of the new BG brights, I sold 4 older diapers. My total to date is still $291.25.” I also asked her what she learned in the first few months, and as most “newbies” to cloth, it had to do with her wash routine!: “Don’t be afraid to use too much detergent.” she advised, “and I learned right away air-drying my diapers made them last longer, and is a good perk when re-selling them.” Image

Colin at just a few months, excited about his diaper stash!!

“Keeping up with the laundry when you’re having a busy week” is what Hailey feels is the hardest part about cloth diapering, but quickly counterbalances that by saying, “Not having to run out for diapers and paying ridiculous prices for ‘trash’. ” is the best! She has found that BumGenius pockets work best for Colin, and has tried a few WAHM brands, along with making a few of her own. When it comes to accessories, she is another wetbag lover, “they really come in handy when you have food in the diaper bad and don’t want to put dirty diapers with it.” The wetbags also play right into her funny cloth-diapering moment (something I think we’ve all done at some point): “Well, we have found a very VERY old dirty diaper in a wetbag in the bottom of the diaperbag more than once… that is NOT fun! Always count your diapers as you stuff them!”.

On a more serious note, cloth-diapering actually HELPED Colin! One day while doing diaper laundry, Hailey noticed that there were some weird stains on all the diapers, even though Colin hadn’t pooped in them. After investigating, and a doctor’s appointment, it was discovered that he had a urinary tract infection! The stains were from the proteins, and the infection was caught so early (thanks to cloth!) that Colin hadn’t started showing other symptoms yet.


Isn’t he just adorable??!!

Hailey found, and a consultation with “yours truly” helpful while researching and purchasing cloth diapers. She continues to recommend cloth-diapering to many of her friends. She knows that once someone sees how easy it is, they also “would never go back to trash!”.

Check out Hailey’s photography website!!: