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My name is Jocelyn Correa, and I’m a 30 year-old Step-mom to a 13 year old boy, Mom to 8 year old & 3 year old red-headed girls, and Surro-mom to  two sets of boy/girl twins! I had looked into cloth-diapering my (now) 8 year-old, but there wasn’t a store that carried them within a 2-3 hour drive of me! I was too scared to spend the money and wind up not liking them, so unfortunately I chickened out. With the pending birth of our last baby, and some major paycuts due to the state budget, my husband and I decided the cost-savings of cloth was worth it! We cloth diapered full-time for 20 months until she was basically potty-trained, only needing diapers at night. I loved trying new brands and I love showing people the benefits even more. My baby NEVER had a diaper rash!! That fact alone would make cloth worth it to me… I won’t even get into the money-saving, eco-friendly benefits! I can’t wait to introduce more people in Central California to ALL the benefits of cloth!

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  1. Hi! I replied to your email and now I am certain who the Jocelyn email was from. 😉 I had a few women with 3 & 4 babies respond to the c-section post, so I got a bit confused! haha
    I love your blog. Very welcoming and informative. 😀


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