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Switching to Cloth

I just read this great post my Maria at that offers some great advice for parents interested in making “The Switch” to cloth. Here are a few of the tips she offers:


Here’s some information you should have as you make the switch.

How do I know which diapers are the best? – If you are fortunate enough to have a friend who uses cloth, and is willing to allow you to try theirs, awesome! Not only did I know exactly 0 people using cloth, but I didn’t have a shop anywhere near me. That was a big reason why my cloth diaper reviews are so photo heavy! Try different brands, styles and fabrics. Some babies are sensitive to wetness and do better with “stay dry” diapers. Others are sensitive to synthetic fabric and do better with all natural diapers. I don’t recommend putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak, even if you do find a diaper/brand you love. Sometimes fit etc. can change as your baby grows, and a varied stash is a happy stash!

Cloth Diaper Trials – Several cloth diaper stores offer cloth diaper trials, either by sending you a package to try (keep what you like, return what you don’t), allowing you to return diapers after use, or by essentially allowing you to “rent” them for a small fee. This is a great way to find what you like without spending lots of money but please pay careful attention to their return polices, who pays shipping and the required condition of diapers you return (see my notes on diaper cream below.)

Buying used – I don’t recommend buying your first cloth diapers used. Once you’re in the cloth groove, have a good idea of what you’re looking for, what’s normal/what’s not and what fair prices are, you can boost your stash this way if you like. It’s also not a bad idea to make your first used diaper purchase through a reputable retailer who buys/sells gently used diapers (many sell their trial diapers.)


You can find the rest of her tips on the post here

My favorite tip she offers is something I try to express to my customers all the time. She says, “There is a learning curve, but cloth diapering will be second nature before you know it.”


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