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Meet our next “Real Mom” Sheree!

Sheree is a 24 year old mom to a 2 & 1/2 y.o. daughter, and a 12 week old son, who lives in Armona Ca. She originally looked into cloth diapering to save money to make being a stay-at-home mom possible. Once she started researching all the cloth diapering options, she became aware of all the benefits, but was sold on the cuteness-factor, and by knowing that she wouldn’t be exposing her babies to chemicals.

Originally her hubby was against cloth, saying he thought it was gross, and vowed to never change a diaper. Sheree wasn’t really bothered by the “gross” factor from her experience as a CNA, so she went ahead and bought a stash of prefolds and covers anyway. After that, she eventually convinced him to buy some BumGenius diapers, and he wound up loving them! She estimates that her original investment in the prefolds was only about $30, and has accumulated around 30 pockets that probably cost about $200. That’s a HUGE savings over disposable diapers!

When asked what the hardest part of cloth-diapering is, she explained that both her kids are heavy wetters, so she’s had trouble finding a leak-proof overnight diaper, but is confident they’re close to finding a solution. She also offers this advice for cloth-newbies: “Breastfed poop is the best!”, and highly recommends having a diaper sprayer handy for when you start your baby on solids. She states that the best part about using cloth is that, “They’re soooooo cute! I really like the attention they get, and I love when people ask me about them and how they work. I like to share the knowledge.”  She currently has a few friends that cloth diaper already, and would absolutely recommend it to others, “If you’re on the fence about cloth diapering, just do it!”

Thank you Sheree!!


About centralcadiaperparties

Hi! I'm the Lead Rep for Central Ca, and a senior consultant for Diaper Parties. I love all things related to cloth diapers, and other natural parenting products! I'm a 30 y.o. mom to 2 red-headed girls, step-mom to a handsome young man, and surro-mom to two sets of twins. My wonderful husband thinks I'm a little nuts sometimes, when my obsession with cloth-diapers shows, but he loves how much money we've saved!

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