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Bamboo Baby AIO review

Another consultant posted a great review (Pics included) on our Main blog awhile back, and I wanted to share it here! These are fantastic AIO diapers, and her pictures of her kids give a great visual on how they fit different sizes.

Bamboo Baby has an All-in-One diaper by Dri-line, and is often forgotten about. It is not a super popular brand, but one of my favorites! Dri-Line is a Canadian based company that designs and manufactures their products on site!


Features of the Bamboo Baby AIO include:

  • Super soft bamboo Rayon fleece inner, including a one size liner with 3 layers of thirsty bamboo Rayon fleece.
  • 2 x 3 snap design easily allows the Bamboo Baby AIO /OS diaper to grow with your baby. This snap design has been tried and tested for nearly two decades on our top selling SnugToFit OS diaper.
  • Stretchy tabs combined with quality hoop & loop closures make cloth diapering as easy as disposables.
  • Elasticized leg construction helps to contain messes.
  • Fold back tabs to prevent a ‘diaper chain’ during laundry.
  • Fits most babies from 8 to 34 lbs.
  • This is NOT a pocket diaper. NO stuffing required.

My youngest at about 20lbs, 31 inches long (10 months).



My oldest at about 33lbs, 36inches tall (2.5 year old).



As you see, they are super trim diapers!

There used to be many complaints about the velcro a while back. It’s true, it was HORRIBLE! Thankfully, they had changed the velcro and it is MUCH better! If you have any of the old style Velcro, you can contact Dri-Line, and they will send you replacement velcro for your diapers. I replaced a friend’s and mine fairly easily. BB is also available now in snaps.

The newer velcro (hook&loop) and tabs. Which, of course, hook & loop is famous for laundry chains. This diaper has fallen victim.


I love natural fibers and BB is made with, well bamboo. Natural fibers tend to be easier to care for in my experience. Bamboo is also:

  • Highly breathable
  • More absorbent than cotton (softer too).
  • Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-worm and anti-UV
  • Bamboo fiber is bio-degradable.
  • Bamboo is easily cultivated without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.


A common complaint with natural fibers is over time, especially if they are hung to dry, get really hard and crunchy! BB is not exempt. No problem, use a softener! What!? Did I just read that, softener!? Yes, you CAN use plant based softeners and the luxurious feel of natural fibers will return with out leaks, stinks, or any other issues. Plant based softeners include Mrs. Meyers (my favorite) and Ecover.

As an AIO, the insert is attached to the top of the diaper. It has plenty of room to add a couple of extra inserts for long trips, naps, etc. There is no way I would be able to use this diaper at night with my youngest, he is in a SUPER heavy wetter stage. Although, as my oldest has gotten older, we have moved down from the heavy wetter to a light/medium wetter, so I do use the diaper with him with an extra thirsties hemp inserts at naps and nights. Thirties hemp inserts are trim, but are an absorbant 6 layers, versus the typical 2-3 layers. The attached insert can be doubled over to fit the need of a boy or girl, and for younger babies. Also, the back side of the diaper is lined with bamboo, so it is nothing but softness touching baby’s back and legs!


Here is a picture of my oldest son before going down for a nap with one thirsties hemp insert add underneath. Even with an extra insert added, the diaper still remains to be trim.





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Hi! I'm the Lead Rep for Central Ca, and a senior consultant for Diaper Parties. I love all things related to cloth diapers, and other natural parenting products! I'm a 30 y.o. mom to 2 red-headed girls, step-mom to a handsome young man, and surro-mom to two sets of twins. My wonderful husband thinks I'm a little nuts sometimes, when my obsession with cloth-diapers shows, but he loves how much money we've saved!

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  1. Those are so cute! 😀
    I am going to have to look for a natural softener because our prefolds definitely get crunchy! haha


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