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It seems that the diapering needs of my area have lately steered me away from parties, and way more towards offering parents personal consultations to figure out their diapering needs, or work through issues. Sometimes I’m scared the whole “party” aspect has gotten lost when I deal with my clients… who then refer their friends to me when they need help. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE personal consultations, and I get so much satisfaction from helping a mama work through a maze of diapering options to find what works best for her baby. BUT I do get discouraged when people essentially come to me for advice, and then buy their diapers elsewhere later on, thinking they found a great sale. Few people know that cloth-diaper prices are set by the manufacturer. Our company cannot offer sales on items that aren’t authorized, just like any other retailer! Our company also cannot mark-up the prices, so if you see another diaper store advertising a sale on a certain brand 99.9% of the time Diaper Parties is running the same exact sale.

What does this mean? It means that our company delivers the same product you’ll get ordering somewhere else AND we offer SO SO SO much more!! FOR THE SAME PRICE! You get a knowledgeable personal sales rep. You’re supporting a local work-at-home mom. By ordering through our website you get customer rewards points (We love our loyal customers!). By ordering through a qualified party you get free shipping, and sometimes free goodies! By hosting a qualified party you can even earn free diapers. ALL AT THE SAME PRICE AS THE OTHER STORES. Did “Buy Buy Baby” give you reward points for that BumGenius you drove an hour to buy last week? Didn’t think so!

Here’s a great blog post on what our company is and what it isn’t:

Posted by Jamie Lynn Brewer on 9/28/2012

So, you may be wondering what Diaper Parties are. I admit I was curious when I began researching cloth diapers and stumbled upon Is this a concept similar to other “party” structures on the market today? Host a party for your girlfriends, learn about cool products, and earn freebies with a qualifying party? Yes, we’re as simple as that… and SO much more.

*We are a team of hand-picked, educated consultants

Diaper Parties grew from a desire to educate parents and caregivers about (OF COURSE!) cloth diapers and other natural parenting items. The decision-making involved with selecting the best products for your children can be overwhelming. Choosing among pockets, prefolds, all-in-ones (AIOs), and hybrids can be confusing. Are you having trouble deciding between a soft-structured carrier and a wrap? Your local consultant is there to help you make the best choices for your family. What if a consultant isn’t within driving distance of your party location? We can ship a kit to your house and your consultant will contact you via phone or video chat to answer all your questions. We also offer live support on our website to assist you in placing your order.

*We provide our clients with VIP access to top-notch products

Who doesn’t love the ease of ordering online? But unless you’re buying a product you have already tried or tried on, nothing beats being able to see that item up close and personal before you shell out your hard-earned dough. Diaper Parties brings the store to you! Don’t pass up the opportunity to get your hands (literally) on the best natural parenting products available. Try on that carrier you’ve been eyeing. Compare different types and brands of cloth diapers you’re considering by seeing them in person. Spending more than $20 for a fitted diaper alone might shock you… until you feel the soft and luxurious bamboo velour inner fabric of the Marvels by Kissaluvs One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper! 

*We spoil our customers with fabulous freebies and rewards

When you host a qualifying Diaper Party, we only see fit to thank you with awesome freebies through our Hostess Perks Program. Your guests with qualifying orders are eligible to earn Attendee Perks, too! For personal consultations and online orders, we offer our Customer Rewards Program so you can earn points to use toward your future purchases with us.

*We offer our clients access to their very own Gift Registry

Our Diaper Parties consultants can assist you with building your registry for all your parenting needs. Choose from our wide selection of cloth diapers and accessories, nursing supplies, baby carriers, natural body care products and more. Are your friends organizing a shower for you? Encourage them to contact your local consultant to find out more about planning a Diaper Parties shower. It’s a great way to qualify for party perks in addition to receiving all the other great Diaper Parties products on your registry. If you’re expecting and still interested in using cloth, try our Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental.

*We are committed to giving back

Because it is so important to us to spread the cloth diaper love, we created our Pay It Forward campaign. Each year along with the help of participating sponsors, Diaper Parties gives away a full stash of diapers to a family in need.

Now that I’ve told you much of what Diaper Parties are, I felt it pertinent to let you know a little bit about what we aren’t.

*We are not a co-op

The prices of our products at parties and consultations are legitimate and the same as those offered through our online store. There are, however, select packages and promotions available exclusively at our Diaper Parties (per manufacturer approval). Because we are authorized to sell the brands we carry, our clients receive great products backed with stellar customer service.

*We are not set up as a pyramid or multi-level marketing business structure

By encouraging our consultants to serve the needs of their surrounding communities, we aim to ensure they are not in competition with other team members for clients. We each work together to promote Diaper Parties as a whole, and that makes for a great work environment!  For more information about becoming a Diaper Parties consultant in your area, click here to fill out our application.

*We are not affiliated with ABDL or other diaper fetish groups

We know our diapers are so stylish that people of all ages would love to rock them; however, our diaper brands are generally designated for use by infants, toddlers, and/or small children. (Trust us… we needed to clarify that!)

I hope this post has answered most of your questions about us. If you ever have any additional questions or concerns, we are here to help you in any way we can. Feel free to contact our owner, Erin, at erin@diaperparties.comor your local consultant.


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Hi! I'm the Lead Rep for Central Ca, and a senior consultant for Diaper Parties. I love all things related to cloth diapers, and other natural parenting products! I'm a 30 y.o. mom to 2 red-headed girls, step-mom to a handsome young man, and surro-mom to two sets of twins. My wonderful husband thinks I'm a little nuts sometimes, when my obsession with cloth-diapers shows, but he loves how much money we've saved!

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